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Firsthand Reports


It's snowing right now sheese

92 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.


One more feet of snow falling tonight and its closed for the season :, (

99 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.


How is the snow thinking of going up tomarrow

106 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.


Anywhere that people have been in the last few days is now dust on crust, with the exception of the groomed runs and the Palisades Bowl, both of which are heavenly. Worth the trip - we had the whole mountain to ourselves.

107 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

Spring Snow 1"
Kirkwood +

icy in the shade. plenty of groomed runs. no people. good spring day. ;) come out before it shuts down for the season.

109 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

Hard Packed 0"