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First-hand Reports


I got ya ten inches right here. Heh.

35 minutes ago - Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Harry Feltersnatch

I'm looking for ten inches

1 days ago - Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Tory iPhone4

Agree with previous post. Cold and crowded at the top waiting in the dark for gondola with lots of non skiers who were inadequately dressed with small kids. Staff didn't seem prepared or want to do anything. Waiting for ca side to open before I'll go back.

1 days ago - Heavenly Mountain Resort.


only way to get up is by the gondola. only way down is the gondola. the line to go down is 3hs long. is 5.22 pm an the line goes up the run. i have at least 3 more hours stuck at the lodge. Please please save your money and your time. go somewhere else. this is terrible.

2 days ago - Heavenly Mountain Resort.

anonymous user

2 inchs isnt a nice amount of snow, 2 feet would be a nice amount of snow

2 days ago - Heavenly Mountain Resort.