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Bear Mountain +

Went today. The snow was hard packed but pretty good from about 8-11. After that it went to slush. I had fun.

19 hours ago - Bear Mountain.

Machine Made 0"

and that comment was made Tuesday Wednesday. so it's been even longer of terrible weather for snow

7 days ago - Bear Mountain.

anonymous user

Best conditions you've ever ridden? Was it your first time ever riding, or have you just never ridden outside of socal??? It's all man made hard pack that's wind blown and beaten down by the sun. Conditions suck.

7 days ago - Bear Mountain.


went on sunday.. was surprised how great the snow has kept up despite the fact that it aint snowin'! go soon.. had fun

7 days ago - Bear Mountain.

Variable Conditions 0"
Bear Mountain +

Pretty good today for the lack of natural snow. Snow making teams did a great job covering the runs. Was a ton a fun.

8 days ago - Bear Mountain.

Hard Packed