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Everything should be washed out by tomorrow. Put some money into the place or sell to someone who will this is 2016 not 1985

283 day(s) ago - Kissing Bridge.

Jeffrey L. DeMaria’s iPh

Conditions were horrible over the weekend. I understand that the weather didn't cooperate, but mountain operations could be better. At least act like you care about the area, instead of blatantly writing off this season.

290 day(s) ago - Kissing Bridge.

Variable Conditions 0"

No way there is 59" of base lies lies lies yeah

292 day(s) ago - Kissing Bridge.

Wills 6

Mashed potatos. Even patches of gravy. Wax them skis you'll need it.

292 day(s) ago - Kissing Bridge.

Spring Snow
Johnson36’s iPod

Awesome no lines great conditions, groomed. Still some powder

294 day(s) ago - Kissing Bridge.

Packed powder