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Is anyone believing the future cast for next week this Web site is predicting? Snow? Would love to hear from some local BC skiers because this New Yorker is not to thrilled to arrive this Tuesday?

9 hours ago - Whistler/Blackcomb.


Don't waste your money. Snow is hard as a rock and super icy. Snow is coming next week, and lots of it.

14 hours ago - Whistler/Blackcomb.

Hard Packed 0"

Im in colorado. Its the same here and seems to be the same for the entire west coast. Ice and lack of snow.

18 hours ago - Whistler/Blackcomb.


Been here a week - conditions are not great; bare spots; rocks everywhere (seen a large rock lose contact with the ground and roll down the hill- thankfully it didn't strike anyone)..with thay being said- I'm still boarding and having fun. Take you can get - it'll be summer soon.

19 hours ago - Whistler/Blackcomb.


Whistler is full of ice, obstacles, and broken dreams. My tears of sadness are freezing which make the slopes even slicker. It's a vicious cycle. Verdict: Go to Colorado.

19 hours ago - Whistler/Blackcomb.