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Firsthand Reports


Went last night, some parts were hard packed, some areas were soft, really have to dig into the snow to avoid catching an edge. Visibility was great, we were able to see the view of Vancouver, it was beautiful!

90 day(s) ago - Mt Seymour.

Packed powder
Mt Seymour +

Went yesterday, visibility was amazing. Snow was hard packed and we ran into almost no ice during the whole 8 hours we were there. Gotta love spring skiing.

94 day(s) ago - Mt Seymour.

Hard Packed 0"
Mt Seymour +

In the morning was a bit hard (was not snowing), and there were a ton of kids due to an event, we moved onto the blue chair, way less ppl there. Snow gets softer around 10-11ish, and snowing off and on thru out the day! great pow day! very forgiven :D condition is Soft Packed. We rate it 7.5/10

99 day(s) ago - Mt Seymour.

Powder 2"

great day on the mountain, slushy but so much fun! very forgiven, very easy to turn!

101 day(s) ago - Mt Seymour.

Spring Snow
Mt Seymour +

pretty unreal yesterday, mint conditions!

118 day(s) ago - Mt Seymour.