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Kimberley +

Yeah there's some obstacles to avoid on the runs but I'm finding so much fresh snow and powder today. It's much better than expected.

9 day(s) ago - Kimberley.

Packed powder

Quite bare and icy on the lower half; the groomers are a mixed bag at the top. However, loads of powder pockets for anyone willing to look

12 day(s) ago - Kimberley.

good time skier

grippy fast groomers on back side. glades were ok, but need more snow. when skiing through the glades you would hit logs and rocks, pretty sketchy. front side at the bottom was a death trap, so much ice! caution after the bridge!

14 day(s) ago - Kimberley.


28th great soft snow in back. Tracked out by early afternoon. Needs more snow still to cover gremlins. Fantastic day!

24 day(s) ago - Kimberley.

Packed powder
Kimberley +

Nice new snow today.

34 day(s) ago - Kimberley.