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Firsthand Reports

Travis BB10

was very warm today. a lot of snow disappeared. if like the warm weather for skiing is great, but not finding any powder

250 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Spring Snow
Travis BB10

hill has alright coverage, was pretty warm today so spring skiing. Little slushy down below but up top held up good. No fresh for awhile, but still decent day

251 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Hard Packed

Pretty great hiking up off of stairway. mid mountain down absolute garbage

255 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Kicking Horse +

variable conditions. was quite good in the morning and then was warm in the afternoon making things quite sticky up top but spring conditions at the bottom.

256 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Martin’s iPhone

Wow. The conditions were spectacular and there was plenty of fresh snow in the upper part of the mountain. I had an incredible experience on and off the mountain

264 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.