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Fernie Alpine +

Last weekend of skiing. Amazing spring weather!

199 day(s) ago - Fernie Alpine.

ski fast live hard

Put a fork in her...she's done.

203 day(s) ago - Fernie Alpine.

Fernie Alpine +

not a bad day for spring skiing. couple cm of fresh snow. becomes real slushy and heavy near the bottom, but the top has some decent caches to be found

204 day(s) ago - Fernie Alpine.

Fernie Alpine +

We would like to thank Mother Nature for the great ski season and all at Fernie alpine resort. See you next winter. Enjoy the summer. G&T

210 day(s) ago - Fernie Alpine.

Spring Snow

What a glorious day! Gorgeous fat flakes fell until early afternoon, making the bowls absolutely great! Curry and Cedar had tons of untouched pow to play in. Got a little sticky in the afternoon, and down towards the base, but loads of fun to be had.

212 day(s) ago - Fernie Alpine.