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Firsthand Reports

Cypress Mountain +

great spring skiing in the morning. the snow got too soft in the afternoon. lots of wet powder on the black runs. not a lot of people, in overall a great day.

60 day(s) ago - Cypress Mountain.

Spring Snow 2"
Cypress Mountain +

Went for night skiing. Beautiful night to go, it was probably -2. Everything got progressively more and more icy as the sun went down. By 7-8 the snow was so hard that if you weren't on groomers, you were either skiing on solid ice or sinking.

71 day(s) ago - Cypress Mountain.

Variable Conditions
D. Fraser

Snow is coming down and supposed to be all week, poor visibility and slow riding all around, couldn't see anything on top stratchan. Wait it out for the week and catch the pow after.

79 day(s) ago - Cypress Mountain.

Wet Snow 2"
Cypress Mountain +

82 day(s) ago - Cypress Mountain.

Spring Snow 1"

The snow is soft and rides very slow across the entire mountain.

82 day(s) ago - Cypress Mountain.

Spring Snow