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Big White +

Good powder up at gem

243 day(s) ago - Big White.

Powder 0"
Big White +

Great spring skiing, lots of snow, sunny, warm, some sticky spots , Gem and powder chair had the best snow, no wait times at all at the chairs, well worth the trip from Alberta

247 day(s) ago - Big White.

Big White +

Nice wam day. Groomed runs were nice. In the morning. Afternoon was a lot tougher due to the warm weather causing sticky snow. Traversing the mountain was tricky.

248 day(s) ago - Big White.

Spring Snow

Loads of snow, really hot from 10:30 onwards, so got sticky quick

248 day(s) ago - Big White.

Wet Snow

Tricky day with the cold morning and hot noon. Recommend t-bar or Paradise. The rest was either icy or slushy and grabby. Still a ton of snow.

250 day(s) ago - Big White.