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Perisher +

View of the main range in the morning from Guthega. Great couple of days skiing at Perisher, but now warming up so might not last that long unless the forecasted snow arrives on the weekend.

154 day(s) ago - Perisher.

Spring Snow
Perisher +

again amazing specially at the top Kamikaze is a delicious pleasure

185 day(s) ago - Perisher.

Machine Groomed 0"
Perisher +

amazing snow

187 day(s) ago - Perisher.

Powder 2"
Reggies mobile

Pewking snow right now . Big flakes

1 years ago - Perisher.

Perisher +

Fresh Pow from the small dump on Monday. Bluebird day, freshies through the trees till late arvo. Pretty wet snow, arvo slush but amazing day.

1 years ago - Perisher.

Powder 4"