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shane parker’s iPhone

Never rode spring corn snow in 20 years of riding. It reminds me of a east coast blizzard day. I loved it.

3 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.


I heard from ski haus open all days till this Sunday. then two more weekends only. everyone should stay home. really its ok. I'll be fine without you '-)

6 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

anonymous user

Any word when closing day is?

7 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.


I don't see "significantly" less coverage than stated. after skiing all day I saw two bare batches on runs and both were runs that grommers couldn't obviously get to. Now yes there were some patches on some runs on north side but ALL of them were at the edges were no one skies. I would say all the runs except some little trails like the "jeep trail" are still 90%+ covered. I do admit I hope new owners invest in 5+ more groomers so they can get more area groomed but it's not as important as doubling the snow making or lowering the outrageous season pass prices. it should be 399 for adult and 150 each kid add on 14-21 and 99 for 13 and under. and if you want to add on the other resorts an extra 200 for adults and 100 for kids.

8 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Machine Groomed 0"
Arizona Snowbowl +

Good day with spring conditions and few crowds. The snow coverage is significantly less than what is stated on the website.

9 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Spring Snow 0"