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Arizona Snowbowl +

Bluebird in the morning and clouded in the afternoon. snow was great though and lift lines were non-existent.

1 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Arizona Snowbowl +

Alpine powder turns in AZ. Only good feelings today.

1 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 15"
Arizona Snowbowl +

Can't complain. 2 hours from the desert and 2 feet of pow :)

3 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

sean's iPhone

Great day! With tons of snow. 8"+ easy, plus it dumped all day and night. Traffic SUCKED on the way out! It took 2 hours just to get out of it!

4 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 8"
Arizona Snowbowl +

Nice groomed runs in the morning. The Pow Gods answered the call and delivered snow most of day. Lines were smooth and fast. Park was looking good too.

5 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.