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Arizona Snowbowl +

Freakin' awesome weekend in 5' of new snow! I haven't seen this much snow at snowbowl in a long time. Powder everywhere!

16 hours ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 7"
Arizona Snowbowl +

awesome wkend!lots of fresh Pow!one for the books

23 hours ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

iPhone (3)

Excellent excellent the last 3 days with 4.5' of new snow. Once Upper Bowl opens, it will be amaze balls!

2 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 9"

Such a fantastic day in the fresh powder! It is deep, deep, and deep. One of the best days ever at snowbowl! 4 feet of snow over the last 72 hours!

3 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 15"
Arizona Snowbowl +

I dare any of the Snowbowl haters to say anything negative. I DARE them.

3 day(s) ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Powder 21"