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thom safety guy

this yes this resort needs a lot of attention. The snow conditions are bad but the hill itself is very dangerous. Sunrise even though it is run by the tribe he's a much better mountain with more trained teachers and less danger

5 hours ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Machine Groomed 3"

How was the storm? Couldn't tell if it was raining or snowing on the webcams. I'm trying to go up saturday

7 hours ago - Arizona Snowbowl.


Raining at 11'500 feet currently. Not snowing the predicted amounts at all. Stay at home watch football..

10 hours ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Wet Snow
Arizona Snowbowl +

If you show up early enough... there is always a parking spot! Don't wait until 9am or later on a holiday weekend and expect a parking spot! It's a small resort and always fills up fast! Weekdays are always a better option.

10 days ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Machine Groomed 0"
Arizona Snowbowl +

Came up over the holiday weekend and yes unfortunately on Sunday their parking lots reached capacity at 9:30am, and we had to make other plans. BUT, we came back on Monday... it was a beautiful day. Snow was a little sticky due to the heat... but great base, and even though the lots were full lift lines were 5 min or less. This mountain has a lot to offer, and exceeded my expectations for an AZ ski area...

11 days ago - Arizona Snowbowl.

Hard Packed 0"