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Fund day for first time out. Really only one run open off the gold chair, but nicely groomed.

8 day(s) ago - Nakiska Ski Area.

Machine Groomed

They really should just be closed for the season, the mountain is in really horrible shape, lots of bald patches and huge ruts everywhere

238 day(s) ago - Nakiska Ski Area.

Nakiska Ski Area +

Tuesday - Great spring skiing. I'm surprised how good the coverage is considering the lack of snow and warm temperatures this year.

250 day(s) ago - Nakiska Ski Area.

Nakiska Ski Area +

Great spring skiing, especially up top. Really good coverage everywhere, including the glades. Only downside is runs that are closed for training. But I guess we have to train or future Olympic gold medalists somewhere.

250 day(s) ago - Nakiska Ski Area.

Spring Snow 0"
jkippers’s iPhone

Heading out tomorrow morning for the week. What are the conditions like? Any snow left?

252 day(s) ago - Nakiska Ski Area.