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Machine Made
posted 40 day(s) ago by dodo

My reviews do not appear! This hill needs snow! Lots of icy sections. glades looked dodgy... had anyone got feedback on what they are like. I took the safe option and headed back to the groomed run. Lots of runs still closed as they make snow.
posted 41 day(s) ago by Chris' iphone

Needs more snow but they are keeping what they have as good as they can.
Machine Groomed
posted 41 day(s) ago by anonymous user

Nicely groomed for morning runs but gets skied off by noon and icey for the afternoon.
Machine Made
posted 41 day(s) ago by sad skier

I enjoyed being out for the first time of the year. resonant snow on the home. glades looked a little dodgy. not much to ski off from Olympic. very icy under the thin layer of new site from last night. it really needs a good few dumps to make it worthwhile.
Nakiska Ski Area +
Packed powder
posted 42 day(s) ago by K2 Sager

Great day overall it was crazy busy but it snowed all day! The top was nice....snow got scraped off on the lower hills with the amount of skiers. It was snowing when we left at 1530 so enjoy those freshies tomorrow!

Displaying 21 - 25 of 301 Firsthand Reports

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