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Firsthand Reports


Skied Wednesday. Good if you are stayed on the back side and in the blacks. Ice in the front on greens and mostly blues.

1 day(s) ago - Lake Louise.

Packed powder 1"

Loads of freshies, especially in the tree lines. The open areas began to dhow the hard pack later on in the day, but a lot of needed snow fell none the less!

2 day(s) ago - Lake Louise.

Powder 4"

Skied sunday, mountain is bare. front side is nothing but ice. backside has a few patches here and there. Wait for snowfall.

4 day(s) ago - Lake Louise.


A good amount of fresh snow overlying some crunchy, icy bits. I get the impression it was kinda skied out before. Challenging at times, but good fun.

11 day(s) ago - Lake Louise.


heading out on the 17th... what are the conditions like? any fresh pow?

12 day(s) ago - Lake Louise.