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Wisła Ski Resorts

Wisła is a famous touristic and sport resort, as well as mountain village, located in the southern part of Silesia. It is situated in Beskid Śląski. The lowest lying place in Wisła is a valley of Wisła River (392 m.a.s.l.) on the boarder with Ustronie. The highest is the peak of Barania Góra 1220 m.a.s.l. The centre of Wisła lies 430 m.a.s.l. The city is surrounded by Beskid Śląski Mountains.

In Wisła there are about 11 000 inhabitants. One of the most famous is Ski Jumper Adam Małysz.

Skiers and snowboarders visiting Wisła can take the offer of over 20 ski resorts, which are mostly illuminated. The biggest ski resorts are: Szosów, Nowa Osada, Pasieki and Rowienki. For cross-country skiers there is a route waiting, on which biathlon competitions take place. There are also 5 ski jumps located.

Wisła can also boast of a perfect touristic base. There are over 9000 places to sleep, located in over 300 objects with different standards and prices.

The town offers a lot of attractions after skiing. There are many pubs, several discotheques and also a swimming pool. Those who want regenerate, can take local Spa’s offer. There is also a possibility of visiting ancient churches, villas and Habsburg hunting palace and a president palace on Zadni Groń.

By car you can get to Wisła with the route nr 93 from Katowice, driving through Skoczów and Ustroń. The alternative can be a route through Szczyrk and Samopolska Pass. Wisła has a direct connection with many cities of the whole country, among others with Bielsko, Katowice, Kraków, Opole and Lublin. In the city there are two railway stations and three train halts. There is also a well-developed public transport in the city. The closeness of airports in Pyrzowice, Balice and Czech Ostrawa enables fast traveling by plane.

From Wisła you can get easily to nearby towns belonging to „Beskidzka 5”: Brenna, Istebna, Szczyrk and Ustronie, which perfectly complete the offer for skiers.