preseason lateral box jumps
Heather Mc Phie preseason lateral box jumps. ©Tim Shisler

Heather explains lateral box jumps

“Lateral Box Jumps are a great preseason exercise and ski workout that I use to work on my explosion in the moguls. Try this exercise at home to bash bumps better next time you’re on the mountain. This exercise involves quick and explosive jumps while also adding the challenge of a change in direction. The goal is to maintain excellent body control while quickly jumping from side to side and up and down on the box.

“Focus on jumping up to the box and then jumping down and landing on the far side. In a swift but controlled motion, repeat the same steps as above but back in the opposite direction. Concentrate on being as fast as you can on the ground and getting in as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Start with three sets at 30 seconds apiece for this exercise.”

Now, let’s go skiing.