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Meteorologists are predicting El Niño conditions this winter for North America. That means it's time to invest in a snow blower, a snorkel and a new pair of women's powder skis. You're in luck because hardware stores are beginning to restock snow blowers, snorkel prices are dropping and new technology has made women's powder skis better than even. If you want to hit the slopes with your boy El Niño this winter, check out the sticks below. Each pair was put through the ringer by former World Cup racers, ski instructors, mountaineers and OTS staff at our annual ski test in Aspen last season. Here's your guide to the best women's powder boards:


Blizzard Dakota - Womens EC/PW 2013


As with the other skis in the women’s Free Mountain series, the 108 mm-waisted Dakota features Flipcore 3D technology, which flips the woodcore upside down, adding rocker without bending it into the twin tips. Testers praised the ski’s versatility, particularly in variable snow. “This ski is my friend in the bumps,” said Bremner. “It can absorb, smear or take an aggressive line.” CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»




Testers gave the Legend Paradise high scores for playfulness and versatility. “It’s quick and nimble for 98 mm underfoot,” said Sutton. “The tip is a little damp but if you go for it, the ski holds on hardpack too.” Tip and tail rocker and a lightweight wood core add maneuverability, aided by Dynastar’s Autodrive, which combines vertical sidewalls underfoot with cap construction in the tip and tail for a blend of edge hold and easy turn initiation. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW» 


Kastle FX104 - Womens EC/PW 2013


Though not specifically a ski just for women, the lightweight core construction of the FX104 fits in well to the women’s Powder category. “It’s not for the timid,” cautioned Sutton, “but this serious ski is for aggressive, confident women who want a supremely stable ride.” CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»


K2 Sidekick - Womens EC/PW 2013


The new 108 mm-waisted Sidekick may belong to K2’s Backside collection, but testers say the Sidekick skis like an All-Mountain ski with powder capabilities. “It’s easy in anything—from bumps to powder and even short turns on corduroy,” said Alder. All-Terrain Rocker adds an elevated tip for variable snow and powder performance as well as significant camber underfoot for edge hold. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»


Nordica Nemesis - Womens EC/PW 2013


With a 98 mm footprint, the Nemesis is Nordica’s widest offering for women. Last season, testers praised its flotation and carving ability—calling it a hard-charging powder ski you could run gates with. This year, testers once again praised the Nemesis’ versatility. “It stands out as a strong, solid carver but it’s rock solid everywhere,” said Alder. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»


Salomon Rockette 92 - Womens EC/PW 2013


According to testers, this full twin rocker ski suits skiers from resorts with high snow totals. “This ski happily delivered me through the chop,” said Bremner. “It’s easy to turn in crud and handles high speeds through variable snow.” Salomon’s full twin rocker shape adds a significant amount of effective edge thanks to tip and tail rocker, and the 100 mm-plus waist adds versatility in a variety of snow. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»