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Does the site of snowcats climbing up the mountain in the wee hours of the morning make you giddy? Does linking GS turns at warp speed bring a smile to your face? Would you consider carving swaths of corduroy your Shangri-La? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then you should probably give the skis below a test ride. Our 2013 Editors' Choice for the best Frontside skis of the year are the best skis for cruising groomers—incredible edge hold, amazing carvability and quick turn initiation. Each pair was put through the ringer by former World Cup racers, ski instructors, mountaineers and OTS staff at our annual ski test in Aspen last season. Find your new Frontside favorite here: 

Blizzard Magnumn - Mens EC/FS 2013


Blizzard adds Flipcore 3D Technology to the sporty Magnum series (including the 8.5 and the 8.0) this season. Instead of bending reverse camber into the ski, Blizzard “flips” the mold to add slight rocker in the tip and tail, resulting in better stability and equal pressure distribution. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»

Kastle LX82 - Mens EC/FS 2013


The three skis in Kästle’s LX or “Light Cross” line have Kästle’s carve-oriented construction but in a lightweight package. The 82 mm-waisted LX82 (flanked by the 72 and 92) is “a great overall Frontside machine,” said Beidleman. The fully cambered ski has a sandwich construction with a lightweight cosmetic cap, two titanal sheets and a silver fir wood core. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»

Rossignol Pursuit HP - Mens EC/FS 2013


Assume the “HP” stands for hardpack, and you will get an indication of where the Pursuit feels most at home. “Surprisingly agile and very stable,” said Ertl of the ski designed for frontside power in a user-friendly package. To blend the two characteristics, Rossignol adds subtle tip rocker along with an oversized tip and tail for easy turn initiation in a variety of turn shapes. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»

Volkl RTM84 - Mens EC/FS 2013


Three skis—the 84, 80 and 77—in Völkl’s RTM series, or Ride the Mountain, are fully rockered. Is this strange for frontside skis? Testers didn’t think so. “The rocker really works for this ski,” said Volckhausen. “Send them down the fall line and they won’t disappoint.” CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW»