With the ladies doubling down on this season's lineup of epic ski films, it's no surprise to find Austrian freeskier-gone-filmmaker Sandra Lahnsteiner on the list. Following the success of her first film, Shades of Winter—the only female movie selected for IF3 2013—her new film has a lot to live up to. For 2014, she's teamed up with Peak Performance, Garmin and Red Bull Media House to produce Pure—a beautifully shot film exploring how, and why, we push ourselves to the limits in pursuit of those moments that make us truly feel alive.

Featuring: Matilda Rapaport, Janina Kuzma, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Evelina Nilsson, Caja Schöpf, Nat Segal, Melissa Presslaber, Emma Dahlström, Camillia Berra, Silvia Bertagna, Nadia Samer, Nadine Wallner And Nine Queens 2014.