It’s been a remarkable run for New England, with almost an entire season of consistent cold temperatures, great snow conditions and few warm ups.

But all things must come to an end, and now that the calendar says April, we’re going to have a hard time finding additional storms that bring more snow than rain.

One warm storm will offer mostly liquid precipitation on Friday into Saturday, and another warm storm will continue the liquid trend with more precipitation on Monday and Tuesday. After this storm, cold air will likely return from April 9–12th, but it appears that there won’t be much precipitation at this time to take advantage of the cold air and make snow.

I don’t want to sound too depressing, though, as most ski areas still have plenty of base to work with and some are extending their season. So enjoy the spring temperatures, avoid the rain, seek a bit of snow on the backside of each storm at the higher northern elevations, and keep those legs movin'!