The weather will be active as we head into April with three storms coming in the next seven days. 

The first storm arrived on Wednesday and will last through Friday. Moisture will be plentiful with this system, and since moisture is the fuel for snow, snowfall amounts should be over 10" for most mountains in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Thursday will be a powder day, and with another piece of storm energy moving through Thursday night, Friday morning should be another good time to be on the hill.

After a break in the weather on Friday afternoon and Saturday, the next storm will hit Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana on Saturday night and move through Colorado on Sunday. This system is not quite as strong as the first, but it should still bring 6"+ of snow to most of these states. Count Sunday as another potential powder day.

Then yet another storm will bring snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday for most of the central and northern Rockies, so Wednesday could be the fourth powder day out of the next seven days. Not bad for the beginning of spring time, eh?