This has been a good week for northern parts of the west coast, with 15–20" of snow falling in Washington and 2+ feet for Whistler and interior British Columbia.

The good fortune of this region is continuing, with another 12" + possible in Washington and parts of British Columbia on Wednesday. Thursday should be a great powder day, with cool temperatures and lingering snow showers.

Then the weather pattern will turn drier through the middle of next week, with only a weak storm bringing a few inches of snow on Saturday night.

Further south, Tahoe has been dry as the California drought continues. Snowpack in this area is only 40–50 percent of average, but the news should get better. Starting on Wednesday, March 26th, the storm track will drop south and a series of storms will impact the west coast through the end of March and into the beginning of April.

It’s too soon to know if the entire coast from British Columbia to Tahoe will see heavy snow or if the storms will only target the central coast around Tahoe. Regardless, Tahoe should see at least a foot or two of snow later next week and next weekend, and perhaps more.

Total precipitation could be 2–3" (of melted snow equivalent), and while this will be helpful for the area, most of California needs 10-15" of precipitation to break the drought.

If you’re in Washington or British Columbia, I hope you’ve been enjoying the snow. And if you’re in Tahoe, be patient, you’ll see more snow before the season is over.

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of