Does it get much better? Temperatures are cold, the snow is falling every few days, and there are no big warm ups in sight. For northeast skiers, this is the trifecta of perfection.

With temperatures hovering in the teens and 20s for the next week at least, let’s focus on when we’ll see good snow.

As of the time of this writing, 5-10"+ is falling from New York through Connecticut, Massachusetts, southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire and southern Maine. This snow will come to an end by Wednesday evening (February 5), and then we’ll see dry weather on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The next snowfall will take place on Sunday, with a weaker system tracking through a similar area as Wednesday’s storm. Snowfall amounts will be moderate, likely in the 3-6" range. Not a huge powder day, but a nice refresher over the weekend.

The bigger story is a potential storm (or two) later next week, around Feburary 13-15. It seems that one storm could bring snow to the mid Atlantic states, then a storm directly on its heels could bring heavy snow to New England. These storms are too far away to have confidence in the details of the forecast, but most computer weather models show similar forecasts so my confidence is pretty high that we’ll be talking about snow later next week.

Enjoy the great conditions!

Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and the creator of