As if last week’s record snowfall in Colorado wasn’t enough, much more is in the forecast for the Rocky Mountains.

Before looking ahead, I want to take a moment to discuss what happened in Colorado last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Almost every ski area reported 2-3 FEET of new snow in three days, with many areas reporting over 20" in 24 hours. For much of interior Colorado, totals of 20"+ in 24 hours is quite unusual, because the mountains on the edge of the state block the best moisture from penetrating the interior. But last week, multiple factors came together (high moisture values, the jet stream and a cold front) to set new 24 hour snowfall records. It was fun!

Building on last week’s powder, another push of moisture will impact Wyoming, Utah and Colorado from Friday through Monday. Much like last week’s storm in Colorado, this upcoming series of storms will have plenty of moisture to work with, and this means the potential for heavy snow.

By Monday the 10th, I expect many locations to report 1-2 FEET of powder, with up to 30" in some spots. In short, you’ll want to chase powder this weekend through Monday!

Enjoy the new snow!

Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and the creator of