It’s going to be a great couple of days in the Rockies with multiple storms delivering snow through the weekend.

The weather setup is similar to the last few weeks with one important difference.

For the last few weeks, storms have moved from the Pacific Ocean, north into British Columbia and then headed southeast toward Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. This was a good storm track for the areas mentioned, but southern Idaho and Utah missed out.

The current storm track is a bit "flatter," meaning that storms won’t go as far north into Canada. The benefit of this is that we’ll see a more direct west-to-east storm track, and all of Idaho and Utah will get in on the action.

The first significant storm will impact the region on Thursday and Thursday night. Accumulations will be in the 4-8" range for most mountains, though favored resorts could see close to a foot.

Light snow may continue for northern states on Friday, but the next significant snowfall will arrive on Saturday and last through Sunday. This storm will bring the most snow to Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado with about 5-10".

Big one-day snowfalls are great, but also rare. Another way to create excellent ski conditions is to have multiple snowfalls on back-to-back days that add up to large amounts in aggregate. That’s what should happen over the next five days, so get out there and enjoy!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of