The 2013 Visitors Choice Award for Best Park & Pipe in the Northwest goes to The Summit at Snoqualmie. Here freestylers will find two terrain parks in the Summit Central area.

LEARNING/PROGRESSION PARKS: In Greenhorn Acres there are a variety of small and small-medium features every season to get you started right. Greenhorn Acres is the ideal starter before hitting the bigger features found in Central Park.

ADVANCED TO EXPERT PARKS & PIPES: Central Park is Snoqualmie's flagship park featuring over 30 acres of terrain served by the Central Express chair lift. It is open seven days and six nights a week. It also holds the state's largest jib fleet and is home to some amazing events including Jib This! – Jib That!, Gnu’s Tube City, Redbull’s Third Shift, Volcom’s PB&RJ and the Slushcup Slopestyle.