The biggest on-snow gathering of world leaders and other movers and shakers takes place at Davos in Switzerland each January at the World Economic Forum.

Indeed it was here in 2012 that then Russian prime minister and now president again Putin put forward his plans for a string of world-class ski areas along the mountains to the south of his huge nation to international investors, aiming to build on the momentum of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Putin has built a reputation as a physical action man in his homeland, as well as a political one, and is often seen skiing with the locals on a ski hill in Moscow where he is the leading member of the Shukolovo Ski Club, as well as being the man behind those brand new Olympic ski resorts near Sochi.  

But Putin is not the only world leader who takes ski vacations, while President Obama isn’t a familiar sight on the slopes, wife Michelle is a fan of U.S. ski resorts, recently staying at The Sebastian in Vail on a 2011 visit.

So the choice is yours. If you want to add ‘favorite celebrity endorsements’ to the criteria you search through when choosing your next ski destination it’s just a case of narrowing it down to rock star, politician, great author or movie star. It’s likely you’ll find one or more great names has found the resort that suits your taste before you.