Back at Snowmass another day, David Wood escorts me to the Golf Shrine, located a couple trails over from the Thompson Shrine, near Elk Camp. Originally devoted to sixteen legendary players, this hideaway is also wildly popular—perhaps with an older, tamer contingent. In fact, numerous PGA Tour players have visited since its creation in February 2007, as evidenced by the Golf Shrine Hall of Fame photo gallery maintained by Wood. A bag of clubs and a basket of balls hang from a tree, beckoning visitors to chip a few onto a green Master’s tournament folding chair nearby, inadvertently bonk a snowy pine and revel in a sparkling snow shower.

“And now for my favorite part,” Wood said, digging deep into powder. “We take a wee nip.” He extracts a bottle of Laphroaig 18 Scotch and some crumpled paper cups from a bag buried in the snow. We recite golf quotations from a laminated sheet, down the smoky liquid, and revel in our sudden warmth.