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Choices. Confusion. Uncertainty. Our editors can help make your decisions easier based on slope testing and tips from shop technicians.

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Breaking in new boots ski
How to Break In New Boots

Buying new equipment never gets old. The dent left in the wallet is dwarfed by the experience you get when you..

Best Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders for the 2022 Ski Season
Best Gifts for Skiers & Snowboarders for the 2022 Ski Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts would tickle the souls of..

male snowboarder in action air
How to Find the Correct Snowboard Size

There’s an old adage that says snowboarding is hard to learn, but easy to master. Whether you’re l..

Snowboard closeup back view mountain peak.
Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

Choosing the right pair of snowboard boots is equally as important as choosing the right snowboard. Your boots..

How to demo skis efficiently
Which Ski is Right for You?

Perhaps no question is more important than that of which skis you should buy. Maybe you’ve been renting ..

Top all mountain men's skis.
Top All-Mountain Men’s Skis for 22/23

When it comes to purchasing new skis, there’s a dizzying array of ski choices. It can feel a little over..

Top all women's skis, woman holding skis.
Top All-Mountain Women’s Skis for 22/23

The all-mountain women’s ski category equals adventure—no matter what part of the mountain you like to ski..

A woman carries Blizzard skis.
Women’s 22/23 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup

Ski boots might seem like the supporting star to your skis, but boots are the important connection between you..

Men's 21/22 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup
Men’s 22/23 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup

Needless to say, ski boot models have changed dramatically over the years. The ski boot you’re trying on..

Guide to Buying Boots: Avoid a Bad Fit
Guide to Buying Boots: Avoid a Bad Fit

Ski boots are a crucial piece of gear because they not only connect your feet and lower legs to your skis, but..

A guide to ski technology
A Guide to Ski Technology

It’s been over a decade since the late, great big-mountain skier Shane McConkey introduced his Volant Spatul..

Cropped tighter.
Men’s vs. Women’s Skis and Why Yours are Probably Too Short

Former member of the U.S. Ski Team, NCAA All American and two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion, Kim Reichhel..

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