Breaking in new boots ski
How to Break In New Boots

Buying new equipment never gets old. The dent left in the wallet is dwarfed by the experience you get when you..

A pair of Nordica and Tecnica ski boots.
Ski Boot 101: How to buckle your ski boots

Needless to say, buckling one’s ski boots isn’t quite like putting on your everyday boots. Sometim..

A woman carries Blizzard skis.
Women’s 22/23 Alpine Ski Boot Roundup

Ski boots might seem like the supporting star to your skis, but boots are the important connection between you..

Guide to Buying Boots: Avoid a Bad Fit
Guide to Buying Boots: Avoid a Bad Fit

Ski boots are a crucial piece of gear because they not only connect your feet and lower legs to your skis, but..

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