[R261R, Mountain High] imported an alternative to skiing and snowboarding into their rental shop this month. The new Trikkes, which is pronounced "trike," will be available for use at the East Resort.

Trikkes look akin to bikes, but without the wheels or seats. Riders stand up, holding on to the handlebars, and lean with the steering column to turn. The Trikke's three short skis, which are designed for both groomers and powder, carve through the snow.

Riders are not strapped in like skis or snowboards. Trikke's have no bindings, and riders can wear any kind of snow boot. One foot is placed on each of the Trikke's two elongated foot beds. Each of the foot beds attaches to a short ski. Riders control their direction by turning the handlebars, which attach to a third ski. The articulating frame allows riders to carve turns, with each leg flexing or extending similar to skiing.

Rent Trikkes at Mountain High's East Resort for $35 for four hours. Rentals are only available to riders 13 years and older. Riders under 18 years old require a parent or guardian signature on a release.

Lift tickets are required to use Trikkes. Helmets are also recommended.

"I am very excited to add Trikkes to our rental fleet," said Tim McCabe, Rental Manager. "They are incredibly fun, and beginners will almost immediately feel the carving sensation."

Mountain High plans free demo days Jan. 1-2 followed by an open class slalom Trikke event Jan. 3.

More information: Call 888-754-7878.