[R206R, La Plagne] is offering an escape to the Great North with an original and earth-friendly accommodation choice. My Igloo Village is a village of six igloos that can sleep up to 20 guests on a given night. As the sun rises, guests awake to a view of the massive Mont Blanc.

Aurélie and Joël, a native couple of La Plagne came up with the idea of an environmentally-friendly and convivial project that takes guests straight to the heart of the Savoy countryside. It also gives guests the chance to return to the warm atmosphere of the camp fire.

Auélie and Joël invite guests to savour a meal created entirely with local products - soup with vegetables from the market, local cheese and ham, bread from a neighbouring village, Savoy wine, and genepy of the Aravis - and host evenings around the fire. They propose themes such as local history, life at La Plagen, or environmental awareness. For a traditional atmosphere, an accordionist regularly provides music.

Before arriving at the igloo village, guides in traditional Savoy costumes take guests to discover the village of La Plagne, reminding them that before becoming a well-known ski resort, La Plagne was a rural, mountain village.

Although the inside of an igloo can be surprisingly comfortable, it is necessary to bring a minimum amount of gear: warm underwear, ski jacket and pants, gloves and glove liners, scarf, three pairs of socks, and after-ski shoes. A warm duvet and individual sheets are provided.

Plan on €65 per person per night in an igloo, meal, and activities or €45 for meal and activities. Children aged seven to 12 years cost  €30 and €20.

Pass Plagne card holders receive a 10-percent discount.

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