Spyder, based in Boulder, Colo., has come up with a sleek and slippery speed suit they hope will bring home the gold for U.S. and Canadian skiers. Spyder's Slippery Technology incorporates key innovations in aerodynamics and it will hopefully shave off precious hundredths of a second in the Olympic races in Vancouver. That's where the suits will be debuted. They'll be available for you to buy for your racing child in 2011.

"The focus of Spyder's research during the last few years has been about how we can make our speed suits more slippery against air," says Spyder Product Director Phil Shettig. "Our goal is to manipulate airflow properties to make all of our suits faster against the competition."

It's similar to what swimmers like Olympian Michael Phelps wears, in making sure they have the fastest suit, to get every advantage.

Spyder did all of the construction in its Boulder office, redesigning the surface texture on the top face knit, reducing the friction against the wind. Padding was also replaced with a different system that is more aerodynamic. U.S. Ski Team athlete Steve Nyman says, "Once they are custom fit to each individual athlete's body, we will without a doubt have the fastest suits going into Vancouver."

Spyder has been manufacturing ski apparel since 1978.

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