Jeannie Thoren has always said, "Women are different than men." She is considered among the top experts in the field of skiing for women. She has set up a permanent shop in [R482R, Vail]. Her big emphasis is that there is a difference.

"I've been explaining how the anatomical differences between men and women affect ski performance and how gender-specific equipment makes a difference.  Our Demos and Equipment Clinics won't be a moving target anymore," she adds. "Women will know where to find us and Vail is the perfect location."

Thoren's Women's Ski Center is just steps from the gondola and Chair 8 at Lionshead in Vail, close to the bus stop. "We'll be right near Chair 8 and the Gondola so women can easily get on the slopes and test ride our equipment," Thoren says. 

Thoren used to travel coast-to-coast, telling women about skis, boots, and poles, and how they should get a better fit. Now she is stationery in Colorado for the winter. "There is a steady stream of customers coming through Vail. It's a real destination for those women that I know from Lake Placid to Seattle. This is a place they come for vacation."

Jeannie knows how to make it work, and make women comfortable with their gear. "I have skis and boots for women who are just starting their first day, and for rippers, and for everyone in between. I can fit women who have skinny feet, wide feet, skinny legs, and big calf muscles."

I met Jeannie in Telluride several years ago and have been skiing on her recommended gear ever since. It was truly a transformation.  She is someone every skiing woman needs to meet sometime in their life. Plan your trip to Vail now.

More Information Or call  970-476-3888.