The ski area of Kanin-Sella Nevea is set to open for the very first time Dec. 19. This will be the only cross-border ski centre in Slovenia and Italy.

The Kanin-Sella Nevea ski centre will operate with a single ski pass enabling access from both the Slovenian resort of Kanin in [R2387R, Bovec] and the Italian resort of [R2180R, Sella Nevea]. The new linked ski centre will become one of the largest in Slovenia, enabling skiing late in spring due to the high altitude (up to 2300 meters).

A new cableway and piste now link the two resorts. The Doppelmayr Funifor 100P ropeway with two gondolas, each for 100 people, transports skiers from 1845 metres to 2133 metres in four minutes and 34 seconds. The lift has a capacity for 1300 people per hour. The new piste linking the resorts is suitable for all levels, from beginners upwards.

Kanin is the only ski centre in Slovenia with slopes over 2000 metres. Kanin's 15 kilometres of slopes and Sella Nevea's 12 kilometres will combine to form 27 kilometres of lift-linked pistes.

Sella Nevea is celebrating the opening of the new link with the ‘Toast and Party' Dec. 19. The event features aperitifs, an optional dinner, party, and music.

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