After two years of work, the Rhone-Alpes region in France is finally launching the Nordic Pass. With this card, cross-country skiers can ski one day in the Vercors mountains, another in the Savoy Alps, and another on the almost-Provencial pistes of the Drome department - all with this single card.

The Nordic Pass is a little like a season pass for 83 resorts at a price of €110 for adults and €28 for children under 17. It gives access to seven of the region's departments (Ain, Ardeche, Drome, Isere, Savoie, Haute Savoie). The Rhone-Alpes region contains eight departments, but Rhone doesn't offer any cross-country ski resorts.

The pass simplifies access to the pistes, using a system already in place in many alpine ski resorts: the electronic badge. Card holders will avoid queueing at the ticket counter by passing by an electronic badge detector. For this first year, only a dozen resorts will be equiped but within two years, all 83 sites should benefit from this technology.

The Nordic Pass also comes with a few other advantages. Card holders will receive half off pass prices in many cross-country resorts all over France as well as reduced registration fees for some of France's biggest cross-country events such as la Foulee Blanche, la Bornadine, or la Traversee de la Chartreuse.

The Nordic Pass is sold in ski resorts for individuals and in various departmental structures for groups.

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