In 2005 [R2179R, Ballon d'Alsace] decided to undertake a huge works project to upgrade and expand its ski area. Four years on, and the resort has finally completed this large-scale project worth €12,215,620.

Just in time for this winter season, Ballon d'Alsace has transformed several aspects of its ski area, including modern lifts, road access, a new snow garden, and a slalom stadium.

Part of the works were completed this year, including road works at the Gentiane area and at the Chaumière crossroads, as well as the snow garden at the Gentiane area.

As for the pistes, the resort has done a lot of work on the Bruyères blue run, notably with the installation of a drag lift and a decorative work of art. The Tourtet, petit Langenberg, and Ecureuils pistes also got face lifts: modernisation of the Ecurueils drag lift, replacement of the Tourtet lift, and modernisation and an extension of the petit Langenberg drag lift.

The Bruyères beginners' green run now links the Gentiane ski area to that of Langenberg for an entirely skiable resort.

The resort is especially interested in confirming its status as a cross-country and alpine ski destination for families and locals. Ballon d'Alsace offers 10 alpine ski pistes and six cross-country pistes.

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