[R2717R, Monterosa] has built a new ski lift to link Passo dei Salati (2970m) to the Indren Glacier (3275m) in less than five minutes.

The new ‘funitor' - an aerial tramway with two guide ropes - covers a distance of 1582 metres in four minutes and 54 seconds. It has 800kw of engine power and travels at a speed of 10 metres per second. 

This is the first Aosta Valley funifor and it will follow a new track never traced before by a lift.

It is a modern lift comprised of two cabins and has space for 60 standing people in each. The lift has capacity to transport 740 people per hour. The lift will be operated by two technicians in the cabin.

Another lift under construction in Monterosa is the Frachey-Alpe Ciarcerio which will replace a two-seater chairlift that has been working since 1978.

It will carry 1500 passengers per hour from 1617 metres in Frachey to 1981 metres in Alpe Ciarcerio. It will enable skiers to travel 797 metres in two minutes and 30 seconds.

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