A new 'special rate' card which allows its holders to get in-resort discounts on most of the things they spend money on is now available.

All SnowBall Pass holders can save money in bars, restaurants (both on the mountain and in resort), activities, shops, accommodation, travel insurance, equipment rental, and even on ski passes in some resorts.

Damian Knight, company managing director says: "The SnowBall Pass, a new product for the winter sports market, gives an average saving of more than €100 per person per week . . . but many save nearer €140."

The SnowBall Pass can be used in multiple resorts as many times in the season as you need and it costs only £15 per person. When the client receives their SnowBall Pass, they have the option to register their pass using their unique code. By registering, the holder is provided with additional discounts.

Damian Knight added: "Every time our clients use the pass they are in fact adding around 20 percent to every pound they have exchanged for their holiday. With the exchange rate at around €1.10 to the pound, this is a considerable increase and for that reason our product has grown in popularity over the last two seasons."

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