In the heart of the Village at [R507R, Winter Park], you’ll find a fun option for your family. An outdoor pond for ice skating was added to the Village in 2008, and it is delighting visitors. The small rink is set amidst the backdrop of the towering Continental Divide, at the foot of the ski area.

The resort has incorporated free family activities each afternoon and the skating rink is included in that. You can take free ice skating lessons each afternoon at 4 p.m. from mid-December through mid-March. Sign up by 3 p.m. to guarantee a spot in the class. Skate rentals are available for a fee, as is the family package for $18.

Saturday night is Skate Night on the pond. The action is from 5 to 7 p.m. It could be a free game of broomball, which is always crazy fun. You wear your tennis shoes for broomball, and you use actual brooms to push the ball around and try to score, which is very similar to hockey. The rink has all of the equipment you’ll need to use.

Another Saturday night option is Disco Skate Night, January through March, on the second Saturday of the month.

Mistalynn Lee with the resort says guests are looking for value when they book their vacation, and the ice skating pond adds that along with a unique charm.

It’s what you expect to find in a village at a winter resort; the music is playing, kids are laughing and the backdrop is breathtaking. The perfect family photo opportunity to share with loved ones back home!" Lee said. "After the slopes close, many guests find that the pond gives them a fun and budget-friendly activity to fill the time between skiing and dinner.”

The rink is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily during the ski season as conditions permit.

Opening is dependent on the weather as the ice needs to be a certain thickness before we can open it to the public and clear it with our miniaturized Zamboni." Lee said. "Activities are planned to begin in mid-December.”

A bigger rink is also now available in the town of Fraser. “The IceBox” is NHL-sized, and partially enclosed, with light concessions, skate rentals, and rest rooms. Fraser is frequently the coldest spot in the United States on any given winter day, so this new rink is appropriately named.

Down the road even further is another option. Snow Mountain Ranch has a skating pavilion near the Nordic Center. Ice skates are available at the pavilion and skating is free.

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