Online forums lit up with irate freeriders when RCR announced the removal of Big Air features from their terrain parks. Matt Mosteller, Senior Director of Business Development, responded with refunding season passes for disgruntled park customers. Meanwhile, using RCR's parks has changed. Lake Louise, RCR's headliner resort, added new rails such as a large A-frame rail, a cone jib box, and a medium battleship box to their collection. Both the Lake Louise and Nakiska rail and box parks will have controlled access for this season. Visitors must purchase a RCR Park Pass, available at Guest Services at the resorts or in the Calgary head office. Both the day use and season park access passes cost $5. (In turn, you receive a $5 certificate good for redemption at mountain food establishments.) Park users must sign a waiver. If the user is under 18, then a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the park waiver and a Parental Consent Form.