[R266R, Mt. Baker], which is known for voluminous snows and backcountry ski opportunities, launches their annual series of snow safety classes. Both introductory and more in-depth programs are both available.

The introductory Snow Safety Awareness and Introduction to Transceiver Use class targets those new to backcountry skiing and riding. Participants learn how to use transceivers and search for victims as well as learning the Avalanche Triangle and analyzing case scenarios. The morning features an indoor session while the afternoon includes outdoor field practice.

The one-day introductory classes, which run 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., are scheduled Dec. 12, Dec. 31, Jan. 9, and Jan. 31. Classes cost $35.

The 21-hour Alpine Snow Safety Awareness, Transceiver, and Rescue Skills course dives into evaluating hazards, applying safe travel routes, and performing rescues. Students will study the snow pack to be able to analyze its stability, grain strength, and weak or strong layers. Half of the time is spent outdoors working scenarios and snow pits.

Each class meets 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for three days to amass its 21 hours. Classes begin Dec. 13, Jan. 1, Jan. 16, or Feb. 13. The course is available to Mt. Baker season passholders for $155. Non-passholders can participate for $165, which includes a one-ride lift ticket to reach the field site.

Registration for both courses is available online.

More information. Or call 360-734-6771.