[R43R, Bear Mountain] and [R400R, Snow Summit] are celebrating two decades of terrain parks. A new film documents the evolution of terrain parks at the resorts.

The film, entitled Parkumentary, chronicles the history of terrain parks and snowboarding at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.

"No resort in the country can match our history in the progression of snowboarding," said Chris Riddle, Director of Marketing for Big Bear Mountain Resorts. "We continue to lead the way in one-of-a-kind features and innovative terrain."

You can get a preview of the film on the Bear Mountain Web site. Three trailers are available, plus you can download all nine segments of the film. It includes early day footage of snowboarders sporting the turquoise and hot pink clothing that now shows up at retro parties.

"Parkumentary" walks through the early history of snowboarding at Bear Mountain-when strapping both feet onto one board was so radical that it was first tried only in midweek. The first jibs were tree limbs. Outlaw Park started with only a couple berms and jumps, and the local police force came to investigate when an old sheriff's car was moved into the park.

Terrain parks have come a long way. Bear Mountain's freestyle park now features 130 beginner to advanced jibs that include rails, boxes, and walls. More than 150 snow features are created each year, and the park is home to Southern California's only Superpipe.

Snow Summit now offers two parks. The Fun Zone creates a place with beginner jibs and terrain features for those just starting in parks, and the Ego Trip features intermediate and advanced jibs and jumps.

More information: Bear Mountain, 800-BEAR-MTN or Snow Summit, 888-SUMMIT-1.