Ski Bash is currently in its 12th year and regularly draws crowds of 250 to 300 people to the western Maryland ski area. According to Pamela Lehnert of BARS, there are 68 disabled participants registered and 92 volunteers including specially trained adapted skiing instructors. While disabilities run the gamut from autism to amputees and spinal cord injuries, BARS and Wisp have the equipment necessary to ensure an enjoyable mountain experience for everyone. "We have a mix of people from those skiing for the first time to some that have been skiing for 15 years," said Lehnert. The event is not simply about learning to ski - though many will be ripping it up by the end of the three-day clinic – but also about camaraderie and forging new and lasting friendships. Volunteers and skiers normally gather each night for dinners and there is even a band coming down Thursday night to play a free show. And friends and family looking for a little winter vacation are not forgotten either. Anyone can take advantage of the non-skiing activities such as snow-tubing, indoor swimming, game rooms and even spa treatment, many at discounted prices. With the specialized instruction and laid-back atmosphere, even those hesitant to strap on skis at first usually find themselves quickly enamored by the alpine sport. "Most can't wait to get back out again," said Lehnert. For more info check out or call Pamela Lehnert at 410-329-6897.