You’re riding the chairlift and you hear the familiar ring of your cell phone. It could be the kids, or work calling to confirm that big deal you’ve been waiting for. You quickly start to rip off your gloves to reach for it in your pocket until you realize that a new glove on the market has made it easy.

The Silver Smart Touch Glove is a Smart Glove for Smart Phones and iPhones. It’s really a glove liner with two large silver panels on the index finger and thumb so you can use your smart phone easier. Olympian Chad Fleischer is selling the gloves presented by Chaos, at Fleischer Sports in the [R425R, Steamboat] base area.

“It used to be a smart phone or a cell phone on the slopes, lift line or gondola was taboo but now it’s a modern day convenience none of us are giving up," Fleischer said. "Not to mention all the cool apps that tell you top ski speed, vertical feet skied, hang time off jumps, where you skied, and where your buddies are.”

Fleischer adds that the magnetic touch fingertip gloves will ensure that his clients don’t get cold while having fun, getting work done and keeping track of the family.

“I have used it and I have to say it sure beats freezing my hand off while getting my tunes dialed in on my Bluetooth headphones while skiing, too,” Fleischer said. “Skiing with a Smart Phone these days is like a boda bag was to skiing in the 70s and mid 80s.”

The new smart gloves are available at most specialty retail stores.

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